Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After graduation, I finally had Him all to myself. I couldn't wait to get him out of his top notch Marine status and actually get to talk to HIM, without all the jargon I didn't completely understand yet. (It's a work in progress.) I knew that everyone expected us to just attack eachother when we were alone, but that really didn't happen, and I can honestly say that talking and snuggling until we fell asleep for three hours was 10 times better. The weird thing was how shy I felt. I have known this man for almost five years! He was my best friend! Why do I feel so flippin bashful?! I swear everytime he even said my name I got goosebumps or my cheeks would feel hot, and I knew that I most likely had the goofiest smile ever pulled across my beet red face. He never said anything, but I have a feeling that he might've been laughing at me a bit on the inside.Finally back in civillian clothes that his loving girlfriend packed for him, we walked hand in hand down the street from our hotel in search of food. We came across an iHop and jumped on the oppurtunity for pancakes. After dinner, we walked out of the resturant and he politely held the door open for people as the exited with us. He even gave some hobos a few bucks on our way back. I picked a downright sweetheart, and it made my chest swell with pride. He's definitely a keeper. Upon our arrival to the hotel, we began packing up some of our things, and went over our flight schedule for the following day. He woke me up that morning with kisses and told me we had to get ready to go and to call up a taxi. Well THAT was an experience. I couldn't understand a single thing that guy said. But somehow, I managed to understand that he would be there when we needed him. We loaded our bags into the cab feeling somewhat grown up, and rode to the airport with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. The flights were good, but it wouldn't matter if they were horrible because I was in my own little happy world sitting next to him, without a care in the world. I drove us home from the airport, and once we reached our hometown, my marine rolled down the window, and stuck his head out like a puppy. There was nothing I could do but look at him and smile happily thinking, "Heeeeeee's baaaaaaack!"

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