Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She Works Hard For the Money

I can't believe it has been so long since my last update! In the past two months, we have moved on base, my mister went on his first PTA, and I started my job. So far, I absolutely love living on base. It's so nice waking up and knowing there are wives just like me right next door. Working has helped me tremendously in so many different aspects. I work at the military uniform shop, and while the extra paycheck certainly doesn't hurt, the part I love most is that I have learned so much in a short amount of time. I know the ribbons, rank insignia, types of uniforms, and gear. I went from scratching my head everytime my husband opened his mouth to nodding and contributing to military related conversations, and I must say, that feels really good. My job also makes me feel important. I work at a place that is vital to our service men and women's needs, and along the way I have become someone important in their lives. They know that Emma at the "Moto Store" is gonna take care of them. It's nice feeling valuable to people I hold with high respect. Moving on! Brandon survived his very first PTA, (a training op on the big island) and he had a lot of fun. He learned a lot, and being a smarty-pants, even got to teach. My boy even caught the attention of higher ranks, and is now facing a meritorious board next month which could potentially promote him. I am so proud! All in all, things are going swimmingly for our little tribe, and we can't wait to see what life brings us next!