Tuesday, October 25, 2011


At the age of ten, I solemnly swore to never become involved with a man in the military. So much for that. As of December 20th, 2010, my life has been completely flipped upside down...and I have never been happier. On that day, my freckled faced partner in crime asked me to be his. The choice was easy. Date my best friend, or let him beg for another four years? Like most fairy tales, the girl said yes, and we began on our journey. Remember the promise I made to myself? The one about never being with a military guy? I broke that promise. My spunky, green eyed boyfriend was leaving in June for Marine Corps Basic Training. That's right. I got me a military man. I was aware that this was what he wanted, but I guess I never really grasped the big picture until he left. The final hug before the three month separation was all I had to cling to. It was then that everything hit me. Like a punch in the stomach, I realized he was leaving and I wouldn't feel those arms around me again for 90 days. A quarter of a year without his random smooches, surprise breakfasts, or extravagant stories. But during that same hug I decided that for this man, I would be strong. When he let go, I would not cry. I would not ask him to stay or even say goodbye. Instead I promised to watch him turn away from me; watch him follow his dream. And furthermore, I promised to support him the whole way.


  1. Where is the like button?? Emma! this is soo sweet and would love to continue reading your blogs! Brandon and you are the cutest couple! You are a strong person and can get through anything! Idk how you do it because I know if Brett were to be in the military I dont think I would be able to do it! I need him! But you have a lot of friends and family support to get you through! Congratulation on the engagement and the rest of your lives together!
    --Ashlynn Raub

  2. Thank you Ashlynn! I'm going to try to continue blogging every step of the way. =)

  3. I had no idea you started a blog back then.... shows what a good friend I am! This is awesome, Emma. I will keep reading. Your words are powerful!