Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Things have been absolutely crazy! After my Mr. received our orders for Hawaii, our next mission was getting us  back together. I hesitantly packed a few things hoping that the day for me to follow him would come soon, but after weeks of waiting, I kinda gave up. We found an apartment online and bought a car. On a Wednesday, my Marine texted me a one word text. "Pack." My mind began racing! I was so excited! Then things got tricky. He eventually called and I immediately asked when I would be leaving. When he said, "Friday", I thought for sure he meant the following week. Wroooong! I had a day and a half to pack my entire life and mentally prepare myself for my first PCS move. (But luckily, it doesn't take a lot to prepare your brain for paradise.) Things were hectic I can tell you that much. I was allowed four suitcases, and one was all shoes. Don't judge me. The best advice I can give is to roll your clothing, and USE SPACE BAGS! They don't get enough credit. Thursday came, and I had my tearful last day at work, and a big going away dinner. I  was too tired to be grateful at the time, but looking back now I realize how much I am loved by the people that came to my little party. It really meant a lot. Friday morning came, and at the ass crack of dawn I was standing in a line longer than the Mississippi waiting to go through security. While I had my military id, the grumpy lady would not let me through the "express lane" if you will, because I was not in military uniform. (Which caused a very angry, irritated, bitchy Emma.) Eventually I got to my gate and thus continued my long journey to Hawaii. I got bumped up to first class from Seattle to Honolulu, which was cool and all, but not so exciting when you're not old enough to drink the complimentary mai tais. Bummer. At the end of my nearly seven hour flight, I had my eyes on the prize, and basically ran to baggage claim to see my green eyed guy and hold him for the first time since our wedding. Everything was finally falling into place, and as I walked with my dear husband to the car, I gazed upon all the palm trees and smiled as I thought to myself, "Girl, you are definitely not in Kansas anymore."

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