Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One For the Gentlemen...

Normally all of my posts are directed to girls in military relationships. But today, this one's for the guys. Okay so everyday at work I get asked questions all the time. About ribbons, medals, blouses, gear, etc. But two days ago, a guy asked me something out of the blue and completely unexpected.
"Is it hard being married to a Marine?"
Knowing that this guy was in a relationship, I assumed that he was probably preparing to pop the question to his girl, in which case he really just wanted me to tell him all the glamorous sides of being married so his girlfriend would be okay with the idea.
So first things first. Military men: If you are just marrying a girl to get out of the barracks, you're a jerk.
Being married to a guy in the military is no easy task. That girl is going to leave her home and family to make your life easier. If you are using her, try again.
Second, never ever go into ANY marriage, military or civilian thinking that things are going to be all hunky dory and easy. Marriage is WORK, and just like any job, you get paid for the time and effort you put in. Not in money necessarily, but in affection and appreciation.
So here's the deal military boys, if you found a girl that has stuck with you through bootcamp, or deployments, or training, without asking for a "break" or "time to cool off", you have most likely found a diamond in the rough. You better hold on to that girl tight, and treat her with some serious respect because while you're training or deployed, that girl is in a new environment, alone, waiting and praying for your safe return, and that...that is no easy task. So to my wives and girlfriends, I respect you and look up to you. You are all some of the strongest people I have ever met, and there is a special place in heaven for girls that put up with all the BS! We really do have the hardest job in the Corps! <3

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